Cryotherapy Is the New Black

You know how you hear about the latest new trend and you think “I totally want to try that!” but you’re not really sure if it will work? Then, instead of trying it you just continue to wonder. Well wonder, no more! I have jumped on the cryotherapy train and it is good.

When you first hear about cryotherapy, it sounds crazy. Climbing in a chamber to blast your body with sub-zero (under -200 degrees) temperatures for 3 minutes? Why would you do that? Because it’s awesome! But, that’s actually why you go back. The real question is why would you start?

Caroline does cryotherapy at The Cryo Spa in Fort Worth.

Back in January of last year, I tried cryotherapy in an effort to heal a knee injury. I’d heard that cryotherapy was excellent for athletes because it could decrease inflammation and help with things like tissue damage. Not that I’m an athlete, but still … So, I took the plunge. And I was shocked when it completely healed my knee! So I started trying it for other stuff!

Cryo improves your sleep (who doesn’t need that?), burns calories (who doesn’t want that?) and can even help with hangovers (you know, every once in a while 😉 )! But the thing I love most about cryo is that it just makes me feel better overall. I’m all for trying new things but I don’t stick with things that don’t work for me. And for me, cryo works. I’m really focusing on being the best Caroline I can be and that means inside and out. If cryo can help me be healthier, I’ll take it!

Cryofacial at The Cryo Spa in Fort Worth
Oxygen bar at The Cryo Spa in Fort Woth

So where do you go for cryo? Well, cryotherapy centers are popping up everywhere but my favorite spot is The Cryo Spa in Fort Worth. It’s super pampering and they offer additional services like cryofacials (which improve your skin tone and helping to reduce wrinkles) and an awesome oxygen bar with essential oils that can be used for all kinds of things. If you don’t know where to go, check Google for the best options in your town and then let me know what you think!

Oxygen Bar at The Cryo Spa in Fort Worth


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