Cryo for Kidd's Kids

Cryo for Kidd’s Kids

Have you heard me mention my love for cryotherapy? I love it. And Kidd’s Kids? Well, of course, you know I love that too!

What do YOU get when I combine 2 of my favorite things? A fantastic deal for you and a donation to Kidd’s Kids!

Cryo1one is offering my followers 4 sessions of Whole Body Cryotherapy for $100. And when you purchase this package, they will donate $20 to Kidd’s Kids! So it’s a win for everyone!

Now, if you’re not familiar with cryotherapy, you may be wondering why you would stand in a CryoSauna in arctic temperatures for 3 minutes. Well, because it’s awesome. It gives you energy and helps your muscles recover from workouts. It improves your circulation and can improve the quality of your skin. It promotes healing in your body and can even burn anywhere from 400-800 calories!

If you’re new to cryotherapy, you may be wondering if 4 sessions is enough. My friends at Cryo1one told me that four sessions of Whole Body Cryotherapy will serve as a system reboot for your body and they encourage you to utilize all four sessions consecutively for optimal results. With four back-to-back sessions, your body will experience a drop in blood pressure, alleviation of joint pain, reduced inflammation and increased energy. Trust me. You will feel the difference!

Cryo1one cryosauna

Cryo1one –
6025 Royal Lane, Suite 219
Dallas, Tx 75230

To purchase your cryo package, click on this link and then contact Cryo1one to schedule your appointment. The sessions are good for a year, but you have to purchase the package by November 10.

So what are you waiting for? Jump start your system and help out Kidd’s Kids!

Caroline Kraddick Cryo1one

Happy freezing!



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