Covers With Caroline - The Luckiest with Ben Folds

This is without a doubt THE most special Covers with Caroline that I will ever do and I am so excited to share it with you guys.

For those who don’t know, Ben Folds is one of, if not my most favorite, artists. And he was my dad’s too. Ben was a huge part of me and my dad’s relationship. We spent hours listening to and singing his music.

I was 15 years old and at that stage where my parents were super embarrassing and uncool, but my dad bought an entire row of seats at one of Ben’s concerts and let me invite all my friends. I remember being so overcome with emotion, I let my dad hold my hand (in public!) when Ben played “Gracie”, a song about his daughter. My dad had such a close connection with the song “The Luckiest”, he even had the title tattooed on his bicep. You can read that story here. “The Luckiest” is a love song but my dad had a different interpretation to it. My dad was very humble and self-deprecating; he never felt he deserved the amount of success he earned. In his mind, he really did feel that he was “the luckiest”.

Ben is such a wonderful man. He always takes time to see me when he performs in Dallas and he even flew out to perform at my dad’s public memorial service. I will never forget that. The irony of what I felt was definitely not lost on me when I was singing “The Luckiest”. It hit me mid-song; I truly am … the luckiest.


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