Covers With Caroline - Lovefool

Alright stop, collaborate and listen … (Yes, I’m going there … again.)

Okay, I’m not a rapper. Unless it’s Friday night, I’ve had a few cocktails and I’m singing karaoke with Big Al at his bar. And then I’m still not really a rapper. I’m a singer.

Which is why I’m SO super excited to get to collaborate (see what I did there?) with The Clinton Years on Lovefool. I love The Clinton Years, love “The 90s” and LOVE the fact that we’re putting all of it together for a fantastic party that benefits Kidd’s Kids.

July 30 at The Empire Room in Dallas. It’s the New Kidd’s Kids on the Block party and I’ll be there, stylin’, in my coolest 90s throwback outfit and you should be there too. Tickets are $100, include food, drink and the greatest party Kidd’s Kids has ever thrown.

And did I mention The Clinton Years? Da’ bomb. Fo’ Shizzle. You can thank me later!

Also, I hope you love this one. Whatever happened to The Cardigans?

Caroline Cradick


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