Covers with Caroline - All I Ask/Hopelessly Devoted Mashup

I was hesitant to even try to tackle an Adele song because we all know that she is QUEEN and I don’t even have 1/16th of the talent she has. BUT I decided to put my Caroline spin on it by doing the song on the guitar and mixing it with a mashup of another favorite song of mine from Grease. I’m going back to my musical theatre roots on this bad baby and it feels so good. I hope you guys enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed singing it.

PS – some of you are probably wondering who that handsome and talented man playing the guitar is! He is one of my best friends, J Mack Slaughter. I met him when I was in second grade at the backstage area of Six Flags Over Texas at the Jingle Ball concert. My dad created a boy band called Sons of Harmony (anybody remember them?) and J Mack was the youngest member. After Sons of Harmony, J Mack went to LA and was in a couple of films and TV shows and had a wonderful music and acting career. He then, because he is J Mack, decided to come back to the DFW area to become a doctor! He is a guitar playing, singing, cute doctor with a beautiful heart. Yes, ladies, he is obviously taken. By an equally as wonderful person, Rebecca, who I love and adore who just had their second baby, sweet Vivian! J Mack has a foundation called Music Meets Medicine that I volunteer for that I am obsessed with! They provide musical instruments and music therapy for children in hospitals and it is truly a wonderful charity started by an incredible person. So there ya go, now you know!


Caroline Cradick


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