Christmas Decorating, Caroline Style

I love the holidays. Spending time with friends and family, parties, gift giving … and Christmas decorating. I LOVE decorating. Anyone who knows me knows I decorate for just about everything. Every season, every holiday and every occasion. And when it comes to Christmas, I go all out!

With Christmas, it’s easy to go overboard and if you’re not careful, you can easily go from well-styled to the house that threw up Christmas. And that’s not a good look! So instead of having Christmas explode all over the house, I choose a few key spots and really go all out.

The Tree

I start with a flocked tree. I know there are people that hate the flocked tree because it’s not traditional, but it’s easy for the color to get lost against a traditional green tree. I like for color to really pop and bright colors look fantastic against a white, flocked tree!

Caroline's Christmas Tree


I wish I could say that I have one go-to place for ornaments, but the truth is I just pick up a few every time I see something I like. My decorating style tends to be more fun and unique than traditional and I gravitate toward anything with color, sparkle or texture, so there’s no real theme. But I do have several butterflies on my tree because they remind me of my dad. They say when your loved ones pass, they come back as butterflies.

Caroline Kraddick's butterfly ornament


An easy way to create a dramatic look is by using texture and mixing opposites can create a cool contrast. Shiny and matte, something simple paired with something glitzy … and ribbon! Ribbon is another great way to add texture because it comes in different sizes and colors and fabrics. Oh, and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t mix silver and gold, because you totally can! And speaking of color … Leaves, pine cones, crystal, iridescent,



Red and green are a little too traditional for me but I love blue! So I decided to do something that looked like winter. I used a couple of different shades of blue and I really like ice blue (kind of like the movie Frozen) with accents of pink and purple. The ice blue also looks good with anything metallic, crystal or iridescent. Plus, texture!


The fireplace is my other focal point, but to keep it easy, I just used all the same stuff. I took all of the tree elements and created a garland around the fireplace and on the mantle. I added a few pieces of greenery to change it up just a bit, and then I was done!


I’m pretty much obsessed with my tree right now and I love looking at it. It’ll be okay if I leave it up until Valentine’s Day, right?



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