Caroline's Sunday (or other days) Serenades

Sunday Serenades

The Sunday Scaries. You know them, right? That feeling of dread you get when the weekend is almost over and Monday is just a few hours away. The Sunday Scaries can be the worst, especially if they linger into Monday. So, on Sunday afternoon when they start to creep in, I try and chase them away before they take over!

Part of my Sunday routine is to do things that “give me air” – things that put me in a good headspace for the upcoming week. Long relaxing baths, journaling, maybe some cooking, music … I try to do the things I don’t always have time for during the week and just enjoy being me. Obviously music is one of my “things” and there’s no better way to get in your feelings than music! Usually on Sundays, I end up serenading myself, so a few weeks ago I decided to Facebook Live one of my Sunday serenades. It was totally spur of the moment and I didn’t really expect a bunch of people to tune in, but you guys seemed to like it so I did it again!

Now, I can’t promise that it will be every Sunday. Life always seems to get in the way so I may have to serenade on another day. Last night I even did a quick Instagram Live! But for the most part, you can catch me on Facebook Live on Sunday evenings.

Music is super personal and emotional for me, so I probably won’t have a real “format”. But if you want to send me requests, I’ll do my best to sing your song. And if you want to make sure you catch Caroline’s Sunday (or another day) Serenades, go to my Facebook page and under the notifications, select to be notified whenever I go live. I’m planning a few fun sessions coming up and I’d love for you to be there!



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