Summer Playlist - What Caroline's Listening To

It’s “Summer, summer, summertime” (Thank you, Will Smith and the 90s. Also another reminder/shameless plug for the New Kidd’s Kids on the Block party!)!

Y’all know I LOVE music, so to help you kick off your summer playlist, I decided to share a few of the songs I’ve got on repeat right now! Summer music is the best because those are always the songs that bring you right back to those awesome summer memories. So let’s get your summer playlist started!

5 Songs In My Summer Playlist

“How It’s Done” – Maren Morris

I first mentioned Maris a while back when I talked about the things I’m obsessed with. Still obsessed. Her album just came out a few weeks ago and I cannot stop listening to it. This is such a fun, sexy song. Plus, she’s from DFW and I got to see her perform while I was in Nashville. She’s WAY cooler than I could ever begin to be. 2 words. Girl Crush.

Maren Morris How It's Done summer playlist

“Bacon” – Nick Jonas

If you follow my Snapchat, you’ve seen me singing along to this song. Nothing is better than a hot guy singing about bacon. I’m obsessed with this album, as well. If you haven’t heard it yet, you have to check it out. Nick is more than just a Jonas brother. He’s totally legit. Also, if you’re dealing with a bad break up, but are over your pity party, this is your song!

Nick Jonas Bacon Still summer playlist

“Mission to the Sun”– Jeremy Loops

I talked about this artist on KiddNation after my trip to New York City. We saw him play at the Brooklyn Bowl and he was amazing. Totally cool hipster. He’s like Mumford and Sons meets Matisyahu meets Imogene Heap. Talk about music that makes you cooler!

Jeremy Loops Mission to the Sun summer playlist

“Don’t Mind” – Kent Jones

This is this year’s version of “Talk Dirty,” by Jason Derulo. It’s a windows-down, radio blaring song of the summer. You’re definitely going to be at a stoplight dancing in your car. But it’s okay because the person in the car next to you will be dancing to it too!

She said, “Hola. ¿Cómo estás?” She said, “Konnichiwa.”
She said, “Pardon my French,” I said, “Bonjour, Madame.”
Then she said, “Sak pase,” and I said, “N’an boule.”
No matter where I go, you know I love ‘em all.

Yes, I Googled the lyrics. Because I don’t speak French, Spanish, Japanese or Haitian Creole. But thanks to this song, I can fake it! 😉

Kent Jones Don't Mind summer playlist

“Kill The Lights” – Alex Newell

Remember on “Glee” when Wade Adams left Vocal Adrenaline and became Unique Adams with the New Directions? This song is sung by Unique. It’s from the HBO series, “Vinyl”, which is about a record exec set in the 70s. It screams Studio 54. I’m predicting this one to be the club jam of the summer! It’s such a feel good song to jam to!

Alex Newell Kill the Lights summer playlist

And now I’m ready to go pick up my girlfriends and go riding around in my car with the radio blasting. Except we all have jobs now. Adulting is hard.

Let me know if any of these are on your play list and what you’re listening to!



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