Caroline’s Early Morning Playlist

I love my job working on the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show! But I’m not gonna lie. Getting out of bed that early in the morning is ROUGH. And if you’re like me and need coffee in order to make the coffee, you might need some extra motivation. So I like to start my day with music. The kind that makes you move! A good playlist doesn’t just get you moving, it can also set your mood for the day. So if you’re dragging this week, add these songs to your early morning playlist and let’s dance our way to Fri-YAY!


1. Come On Over – Christina Aguilera


I know this one takes you WAY back to when Christina was still bubblegum pop. And I loved every minute! This song is just FUN! Fun to sing to, fun to dance to and fun to pretend I’m not a girl who’s got a ton of adult-ing to do.



2. This Is What You Came for- Calvin Harris & Rihanna


This one has been on repeat all summer long.  As soon as I hear it, I start to feel like I’m at the club! I’m not Team Calvin and Team Taylor, but all I have to say is – Calvin, lightning strikes every time I move, too! 😉



3. No Scrubs-TLC


I’m about halfway through my Dating Detox  and while I haven’t turned into a man-hating woman, when I jump (or tip-toe) back into the dating world, this one will be my theme song! So I added this throwback to my morning playlist for those mornings when I need encouragement to get out of bed and encouragement to say away from Bumble!




4. Single Ladies – Beyonce


So, I may or may not recreate teis video in my house every time this song comes on. And I may even have that leotard. But you’ll never know. But what you do know is that you cannot hear Single Ladies without flinging that hand in the air. Whether he’s put a ring on it or not, “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh” your way out of bed and into the shower! All hail, Queen Bey!



5. Just a Girl- No Doubt


90s fashions are making a comeback, so can we bring back some of the 90s music as well? One of the original “Girl Power” girls, Gwen has never been afraid to dance on a stage alone! And this song begs to be danced to.



6. Send My Love (To Your New Lover) – Adele


Y’all all know I LOVE Adele. I’m pretty sure if we ever meet, she’ll immediately fall in love with me and we’ll become immediate Besties. But until that happens, I’m just gonna belt out this song at the top of my lungs and use my curling iron as a microphone.

Warning: do not attempt to dance with a hot curling iron. You will regret it.



7. Sorry- Justin Bieber


Am I a Belieber? Yes. Am I embarrassed? Nope. Even if you hate him, you have to admit his music is great. So if you’re dead set on hating Justin in public, go right ahead! But while you’re at home, turn up the music and no one will ever know!



If you have a song I should add to my early morning playlist, leave it in the comments! And if you need a little more inspiration, check out the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show!


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