The Kraddick Kitchen - Caroline's Disco Juice

Whether you’re hosting the party or the pre-party, the last thing you want to do is spend the entire night behind the bar! If you want to spend time with your friends but still serve a great drink, you need Caroline’s Disco Juice!

Caroline's Disco Juice
Caroline's Disco Juice
Caroline's Disco Juice

The ingredients are simple, it’s easy to make and it’s yummy! You can make it ahead of time or right before the guests arrive, just wait to add the raspberries until you get ready to serve it. You don’t want them to get mushy!

Stir it up and then all that’s left is to serve it in a cute cup and get the party started!

Caroline's Disco Juice


Caroline’s Disco Juice

*1 cup vodka
*1 cup chilled cranberry juice
*2 chilled pomegranate juice
*1 cup orange juice
*1 cup Cointreau
*1 box of raspberries


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