From a C to a K

Caroline Cradick. It’s who I’ve been for 26 years. But lately I’ve been thinking about making a change. And change can be good.

As most dads do, my dad spent his entire life trying to protect me. In the process of sharing his life with his listeners, he naturally shared a lot of mine. And I never really minded because he was usually pretty good about sharing me without forcing me into the limelight. But there came a time when I wanted to be more than just “Kidd Kraddick’s Daughter”. I just wanted to be Caroline.

Caroline is now Caroline Kraddick

During my teen years, being Caroline Cradick with a C, gave me the privacy I craved. And in college, the C afforded me the level of anonymity I needed as I started to find my place in the world. We never had a big discussion about it, but I think my dad was happy for me to be a Cradick when he wasn’t there to protect me 24/7. But I’m a grown up now. And I don’t need to be protected anymore.

Recently, I’ve been feeling a little disconnected. Without my dad here, it feels almost strange to be Caroline Cradick instead of Caroline Kraddick. To be honest, most people assume my name is spelled with a K anyway. So having to explain why my name is spelled with a C instead of a K is always a major production. And with him gone, I don’t want to be separate from him. I want to be closer.

My dad blessed me with an amazing legacy in which to carry on his name. With the Kraddick Foundation, Kidd’s Kids and now being on-air on the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, it just feels like the right time to embrace the K. By taking on the Kraddick name, I want to honor my dad and make him proud. And I intend to do it … As Caroline Kraddick. With a K.

Caroline Kraddick


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