Caroline Cooks, Susie Drinks! Part 2

A few weeks ago, I partnered with my blogger friend, Susie (from Susie Drinks Dallas) for a little cocktail party collabo. I’m great in the kitchen and I can whip up a decent drink, but Susie is the master when it comes to creating the perfect adult beverage!

Now, if you don’t know Susie, allow me to make a quick introduction. Not only can she whip up a yummy cocktail, “Susie knows all things boozy in Dallas”. Her blog, Susie Drinks Dallas, is filled with info about all the Happy Hours in Dallas! Who has the best drink specials, restaurants with the yummiest late night snacks and she even knows which patios are dog friendly. Her blog is the ultimate go-to for the Dallas social scene!

Susie Drinks Dallas makes a smash cocktail
Susie Drinks Dallas makes a smash cocktail

The last time Susie and I got together, I told you about my Spinach Artichoke Dip and Haute Pocket. So now we’re ready for Part 2 and it’s time to talk cocktails! Because it’s not truly a cocktail party without the cocktails!

Since I had invited a few friends over, Susie came up with the fabulous idea of having a smash bar. Even with a small crowd, there’s always someone who doesn’t like vodka or had a bad experience with tequila … because it’s tequila! So a smash bar is perfect because you can offer several different options without having to buy out the liquor store!

According to Susie, a “smash” is made up of a fruit, a herb and a spirit base. So we started with fresh blackberries, raspberries and pineapple. We chose vodka, bourbon and gin for our base and paired it with fresh mint. And don’t forget the simple syrup (sugar dissolved in hot water) to sweeten it up a bit!

Smash bar for a cocktail party
Smash bar for a cocktail party

The thing I love about the smash bar is how easy it is! You want to be a good hostess by making drinks but you don’t want to miss out on the fun stuck behind the bar all night. But Susie showed me how easy it was to muddle the fruit (which is a fancy way of saying smush up at the bottom of a glass) with simple syrup and some fresh citrus juice (orange and lemon are good!). Pour in a little of your favorite drink, shake and pour over ice.

Muddling fruit for a smash cocktail
Caroline tastes a Berry Mint Smash

Check out Susie’s blog for a few recipes or experiment with your own! And now you’re ready to kick off the weekend with a few friends!

Caroline Cradick, Susie Drinks Dallas and Friends
Cocktail party selfie

How easy was that?

Caroline Cradick


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