Butterflies, Mad Jewels and Lookin' Up

Butterflies, Mad Jewels and Lookin’ Up

Remember when I was sent home from American Idol and I talked about silver linings

Things are happening so fast I can barely keep up!

* I’ve been in LA and Nashville, writing and recording music.
* I made a music video.
* I have my first single coming out soon!
* I’ve had a few live performances (with one coming up this weekend!)
* I’ve appeared on WFAA’s Daybreak dishing about American Idol.
* The Kidd’s Kids Teen Trip is in a few weeks.

And that’s just the stuff I can tell you about! There are so many things in the works right now, I’m feeling beyond blessed these days! And one of these things is my collaboration with Mad Jewels.

Mad Jewels has been my fave jewelry designer forever, so partnering with them to create an entire collection to benefit Kidd’s Kids was like heaven! We co-designed and thoughtfully picked every single piece and there’s something for everyone! Bold statement pieces (because that’s all me!), simple and understated (for those of you who aren’t quite as *ahem* extra as some of us), and even something for the kids! Oh, and 25% of the proceeds goes to Kidd’s Kids, so, also shopping for a cause!

This entire line is very personal and means a lot to me. There’s a Kidd’s Kids tie-in, some family connections and of course butterflies! Y’all know how I feel about butterflies!

Shopping for a Cause

There are so many great pieces it’s hard to choose just one as my very fave, but if I was forced to pick one (or 4) it might be one of these!

Caroline Kraddick Flamingo Earrings
Photo credit: Alex Wolf Photo


I mean, really. Is there anything more fun than a 4″ rhinestone pink flamingo hanging on your ear? Of course not! Total statement piece and an instant conversation starter and it screams summertime!

I’ve been wearing the Chachi necklace just about non-stop. It’s simple enough to work as your every day go-to or you can go big and layer it with a shorter or longer piece. Either way, you can’t go wrong. And we named the necklace after my mom, so that makes it perfect!

Caroline Kraddick Chachi necklace
Caroline Kraddick Tita Butterflies

I LOVE Butterflies. They say when your loved ones pass, they come back as butterflies which brings me a feeling of peace, but butterflies also symbolize renewal and new beginnings. As crazy as 2017 was, it was definitely filled with new beginnings, so these 2 necklaces are a beautiful symbol of that. Plus, they’re both named after 2 people (Maria and Tita) who are very special to me!

Caroline Kraddick Maria Butterflies
Caroline Kraddick Keep lookin' up

And, of course, I couldn’t have a collection without including my dad and Kidd’s Kids! Every day, my dad ended the morning show by saying, “Keep Lookin’ Up” and the rest of the show finished with “’cause that’s where it all is.” It seems like such a simple thing to say, but for my dad, it was more than just a phrase. It was his way of, not only acknowledging his faith, but thanking God for everything he had. At the end of the day, my dad knew that God was always in control!

Keep lookin' up bracelet unisex

This is just a quick preview of the entire collection but you can check out all 13 pieces over at Mad Jewels. I’m really excited about this collaboration and I hope you love this collection as much as I do. I’d love to hear what you think! And remember, 25% of the proceeds go to Kidd’s Kids, so start shopping!



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