Bridget Jones's Baby

One of the many cool perks of my job is that we get invited to see movie screenings before the movie comes out. I usually pass on them because my schedule is so crazy and I don’t love being up late on a school night. Plus, it’s honestly been a while since I’ve seen a movie I’ve really loved. And when I heard about “Bridget Jones’s Baby” coming out, I just assumed I’d skip it.

We all know how hard it is to do a movie sequel and I just couldn’t see how they could do any better. Bridget Jones is my spirit animal and the OG Bridget Jones is a fave I keep in the rotation. The last thing I wanted was to see a sequel that would ruin my love for the original. So against my better judgment, I went anyway.

bridget jones baby review

If you haven’t seen the trailer a hundred times, the premise is Bridget finds herself pregnant after hooking up with her ex, Mark Darcy and a hot American, played by Patrick Dempsey aka Dr. McDreamy. And of course, doesn’t know who the father is.

As you can imagine, I went into the screening with very low expectations … but I am excited to report that I was SO impressed! I laughed, I cried … it was everything I wanted and more! It did take a little getting used to because obviously Renee Zellweger is not the “chubby” Bridget Jones that we are all used to. But after processing the new Bridget, it was freaking HILARIOUS!

And here’s a tidbit you might not have known. The cast filmed three different endings and they didn’t find out which one was chosen until the premiere! How fun is that?

Anyway, if you love Bridget Jones, want to laugh AND see Dr. McDreamy shirtless (bonus!), this is the movie for you. Go with an open mind and ready to laugh! You’ll love it as much as I did!


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