Food Guide to a Weekend in Austin, TX

Hey everyone! It’s me again, Bailee! Last time we talked, I gave you some of my favorite Austin hangouts. But I left off the most important thing.
FOOD! You could literally visit Austin and do nothing but eat, so I decided to give it it’s own post!

Friday Afternoon

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The drive to Austin isn’t a long one but trekking down I-35 can be a beating, so the first thing you need when you roll into town is a drink! Head over to Josephine House for a nice glass of prosecco and a charcuterie board and feel the Austin yumminess take over you!

Friday Night

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Now that you’re officially in town and had some time to relax, it’s time to get some sustenance before you head out on the town! I recommend Ranch 616. It’s walking distance from great bars and has a cool atmosphere. The menu speaks for itself; Southwestern fare with a little Tex/Mex thrown in. It’s divine. As far as drinks, I recommend the Ranch Water. This simple drink is a glass of tequila and a little lime juice accompanied with a bottle of Topo Chico. Add the Topo whenever you feel appropriate.

After dinner you can walk right out and enjoy the bars on west 6th. I really like Woodrow’s and Star Bar. This part of town can turn bro REAL QUICK depending on which bar you go to. Enter at your own risk and use your best judgment!


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If you did Austin properly, you’re going to need a little help to rejuvenate you for the day, so of course brunch is where you start. In Austin, you could literally throw a rock and pick a place with a great brunch menu, but here’s my go-to list:

  • 24 Diner – Open 24 hours and a menu filled with comfort food. Chicken and waffles. Enough said.
  • The Grove – Wine bar with a great kitchen menu and an awesome patio. Perfect for brunch.
  • Blue Dahlia Bistro – Casual dining and a menu filled with local and organic ingredients. Cozy atmosphere with communal tables. The definition of Austin!
  • South Congress Café – The definition of Texas chic. Huevos rancheros, migas, shrimp and grits … SO much yum. And also, Carrot Cake French Toast. Do it. Trust me.

Saturday Night

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If you want to do a nice dinner while you’re in town (at the risk of being very on trend) Geraldine’s is the new restaurant at Hotel Van Zandt and is supposed to be AMAZING. Other great dinner options:

  • La Condesa – Modern Mexican with an extensive tequila menu. Also, great salsas and guac!
  • Lamberts – “Fancy” barbeque and live music. And lots of beer!
  • Uchi – Japanese. Read: Sushi! Not what you think of in Austin but it’s awesome. Make reservations!
  • Trace – Texas cuisine sourced from surrounding farms. And it’s in The W Austin. So.trendy.
  • Qui – This one’s a splurge but it is Foodie Heaven. They’re only open for dinner and reservations are a must!
  • Sear Sucker – great ambience and be sure to share some yummy appetizers before indulging in the filet mignon. I have two words for you – lobster. butter. You’re welcome.

I could go on and on but if none of this appeals to you, a little research will go a long way. The Austin food scene is so great, it’s hard to go wrong.

Sunday Morning

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It’s Sunday morning, you’re tired and you need some greasy fuel to get you through the drive back home. Kerbey Lane or Magnolia Cafe. There have been heated debates as to which local establishment is best, but I really like both. Truly, either one is totally worth the probable wait. Any place that offers queso and pancakes on the same menu is okay in my book!

And now that you’ve eaten your way through Austin, make whoever you traveled with drive back so you can nap on the way home! And don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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