Ashley Longshore - New Orleans is the BEST

Caroline Kraddick and Ashley Longshore

New Orleans … I LOVE YOU! Sorry for yelling but I just had SO much fun in New Orleans this weekend! I had already decided it was going to be a great weekend, but I had no idea how great it would be. Kidd’s Kids, Bourbon Street, Commander’s Palace and then the highlight … Ashley Longshore. Pause, while the angels sing.

If you haven’t heard of her, let me just tell you. She’s amazing. Ashley Longshore is a New Orleans based artist that my best friend Bailee introduced me to. Bailee went to one of her trunk shows in Houston and then told me how awesome she is. I immediately fell in love with her work and now I own 3 of her pieces.

Ashley Longshore in Caroline's House
Bottle Fed Ashley Longshore
Big Girl Panties Ashley Longshore

Ashley is fun and eccentric and absolutely my spirit animal. Her work really resonates with me because it’s inspired by pop culture and fashion with a touch of Hollywood glam. Plus, her work can be very sassy and tongue in cheek. She has a painting with the phrase “not having a private jet is SO ratchet”! I LOVE that! And speaking of Hollywood glam, Ashley is besties with Blake Lively. Not only is Blake a huge collector of Ashley’s work, Ashley taught Blake how to paint! And then, the two of them collaborated to create a line of decorative pillows. How freaking awesome is that?

Ashley Longshore paintings in studio
Ashley Longshore paintings in studio

Basically, I’m obsessed. And because I’m that girl and I was in New Orleans, I decided to visit the Ashley Longshore studio on Magazine Street. Best decision ever! We were able to actually visit with Ashley and her studio manager, Kate, and she had a photo shoot while we were there. It was so cool to watch and witnessing her pulling out props and outfits like you wouldn’t believe was truly watching an artist at work!

Ashley Longshore Lil Wayne
Ashely Longshore bird brooch painting
Ashley Longshore Frida
Ashley Longshore peacock

If you’re not on Instagram yet, you need to be! Ashley is an Instagram QUEEN! If she posts a piece on Instagram, people instantly start messaging her asking to buy it. But she doesn’t just post her work. She is hilarious. Trust me. A definite must follow: ashleylongshoreworld.

I had such a blast in New Orleans and getting to meet Ashley and visit her studio was the icing on the cake. I’m already missing NOLA and I can’t wait to go back!



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