Adult Spring Break

Lately everyone has been talking about “adulting”. How hard it is and how it’s not nearly as fun as you thought it was going to be. Well, I’m here to tell you. It’s true. Sure, going to work and paying bills and being responsible has its perks. But it also has its drawbacks. Like no Spring Break!


I know. The ultimate First World Problem. But after you graduate from college and venture into the real world and realize you don’t get a week off to party on a beach somewhere with all of your friends, it’s a real world shocker. But I have a solution. Adult Spring Break.


Here’s the thing. When you start your first real job, they don’t normally give you a ton of vacation time. And even if you do get a couple of weeks, taking a week off in the middle of March doesn’t leave you with time off at Thanksgiving and Christmas. And you know your mom isn’t having that! But you can take off a Friday for a long weekend. And tada – Adult Spring Break! 


But what can you do when you only have a couple of days? Well, it’s not really enough time to hit the beach but it’s plenty of time to explore the city!

Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventure 

CP Dallas Pegasus

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What better way to see parts of Dallas that you’ve never seen, than with a scavenger hunt? Grab a few friends, and use your smart phone to guide you through the city. Urban Adventure Quest will give you clues and challenges while you navigate the city! And the best part is you can start anytime during the day so you have time to grab a bite to eat and not have to worry about being late!

Dallas Bites Food Tours


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Y’all know I’m down with the food! Did you know you can eat your way through Dallas? Dallas Bites does all kinds of food tours in different parts of the city.  These tours are a great way to visit several restaurants at once and then you can decide which ones to revisit. If you can, start with the Bishop Arts District tour because it include’s Eno’s Pizza and Lockhart Smokehouse.  Both are AWESOME! Plus, you get to learn a little about the history of Oak Cliff and Bishop Arts has some great boutique shops!

Dueling Pianos at Henderson Tap House


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Every Thursday from 7-10pm, Henderson Tap House has Dueling Pianos. SO much fun! They fill up fast so go early. You can’t beat the drink specials and dueling pianos is always fun!

Charlie Robison at Granada


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If you’re Adult Spring Breaking this week, head over to the Granada to see one of the Texas Country greats! Charlie Robison literally tells stories with his music. Even if country isn’t your “thing”, you’ll love him. He’ll be there this Friday (the 18th), so definitely catch him if you can!


And because this week is St. Patty’s Day, there will be a ton of other stuff going on that you can throw in the mix. Like the parade! 


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