Favorite 90s Phrases for New Kidd's Kids on the Block

Y’all. I am SO far in 90s mode, I can’t even stand it. I was pretty young in the 90s but with a dad in radio, I got an early introduction to pop culture, so the 90s were a HUGE part of my childhood. That’s one of the reasons I’m so excited about the New Kidd’s Kids on the Block party. It’s gonna be so much fun! $100 a ticket for food, drinks and The Clinton Years performing all the top 90s hits! You don’t want to miss this! The party is July 30th and it benefits Kidd’s Kids so get your ticket now!

New Kidds Kids on the Block Party

Since today is Wednesday, and in honor of the 90s party, I thought I’d celebrate Way Back Wednesday and share my 10 Favorite 90s Phrases!


The only answer to the question “What are you doing tonight?” And what you did on Friday night with a date before the answer became “Netflix and chill”.

All that and a bag of chips

You knew this line was great when All 4 One used it in “She’s Got Skillz”. I mean, what girl doesn’t want to be compared to a bag of Lays?

As if

One of the best lines from the movie “Clueless”. Who didn’t want to be Cher in her Jeep throwing out an “As if” to all the yucky boys trying to talk to her? And that closet? Cher was ahead of her time with a computer program to pick out her clothes!

Take a chill pill

As in “Geez, Mom. I’ll clean up my room later. Take a chill pill!”

Talk to the hand

One I still have to use from time to time. The ultimate conversation ender and extra points if you managed to add the “cause the face is NOT listening” on the end!

You go, girl

What better way to express solidarity in your girl power-ness than to compliment your bestie with a “You go, girl!” Bonus if you snapped your fingers in a Z!

My bad

The “oops” of the 90s and the easiest way to take the blame. Not to be confused with “my bag”. Say it wrong and you immediately lose all your cool points!



A single word that must be pronounced as 2, to get the full effect … WHAT EVER. (Eye roll, optional!) At one point my dad declared the “whatever” to be so disrespectful, he banned me from saying it!


The ultimate in sarcasm and the best way to win any argument, and what we did before we “threw shade”. “That dress is SO cute on her … NOT!”

Da’ bomb

I think this one is timeless since you still hear it occasionally. And if you’re really gonna go back, you can bust out with the “bomb-diggity”. And even though hardly anyone says it anymore, it’s still fun to throw into random conversation. Consider it “retro”.

See, I told you the 90s were awesome! Which is why you should totally buy a ticket to the New Kidd’s Kids on the Block party! It’s gonna be a blast! Plus you get to hang with me and the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show and all the proceeds go to Kidd’s Kids!

And with that, I’m Outtie 5000!!

Caroline Cradick


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