5 Years

5 years

5 years. My dad has been gone 5 years and in that time so much has happened, yet it truly feels like yesterday.
This time of the year is always hard for me and I thought this year might be a little easier with my being in Nashville. It’s not.

5 years. I don’t know why the 5th year is such a big milestone when people pass away.
Normally when you think of an anniversary, you think of happy times and celebrations. It’s almost weird to say the “anniversary” of my dad’s passing. But that’s what it is.

In my head, I had planned out all of these things I was going to say about my dad, and how my life has changed but then I started writing and I kind of fell apart. It’s still just too much.

Continuing the Legacy

Even though he was my Daddy, I know everyone else misses him too. And while he’s not physically here, what a blessing it is to be able to continue his legacy. Not just through Kidd’s Kids but through the Morning Show, as well.

As hard as it is to believe, my dad did plan to retire at some point! So, I think he would be really proud of Kellie, J-Si, Big Al and Jenna for continuing the show, and now for starting the KiddNation TV show. But even if the radio show ended, the one thing he truly wanted to continue was Kidd’s Kids.

With the 5 year anniversary being today, my dad’s birthday coming up in August and the premiere of the KiddNation tv show, the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show decided to do something special to celebrate my dad’s life, his legacy and Kidd’s Kids!

Kidd Kraddick t-shirt black
Kidd Kraddick T-shirt white

Starting today, you’ll be able to buy a limited edition KiddNation t-shirt. The shirt is in honor of my dad’s life and legacy and will only be available until his birthday, August 22nd. After that, it will be gone! But the really cool thing is that 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Kidd’s Kids and that’s something my dad would have loved!

The shirts are available in black or white and there are both adult and kid sizes. They are $25 plus shipping, and all of the proceeds will go to Kidd’s Kids so that we can continue my dad’s legacy and continue to create beautiful memories for the families of kids with life-threatening and life-altering conditions by sending them to Disney World.

Last month, was the 2nd Annual Kidd’s Kids Teen Trip and in November, we’ll take our 27th group of kids to Disney World. I’m so thankful to the morning show for doing this in my dad’s name and I can’t tell you what it means to have your continued support, of both Kidd’s Kids and me.

So, let’s sell out these t-shirts and maybe we can turn it into an annual thing. How cool would it be to have a new t-shirt every year to remember my dad with?

Remember, after August 22, the t-shirts will be gone forever, so get one now so you don’t forget!



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