5 Reasons Snapchat Has My Heart

I am in love with Snapchat. Don’t get me wrong. You can still find me on Facebook, Twitter and my beloved Instagram, but right now, Snapchat has my heart! Here’s why…


5. You get a flower crown and you get a flower crown!

The flower crown filter is EVERYTHING! It’s a little bit 70s flower child and a little bit instant Photoshop and it is awesome. How great would it be if we could roll out of bed, throw on a filter and look like a million bucks? If I could have bright eyes, glowing skin and a flower crown in my real life, would make every day better!

4. Geofilters, FTW!

Whether I’m getting my morning Starbucks or drinking wine at a local hot spot, I love being able to add my location with a cute Geofilter. Way better than just checking in, Geofilters show your friends where you’re hanging out. Plus, you can collect them by downloading the Snap to your phone. Then you have a record of it forever!

3. Face Swapping

Face swapping is exactly what it sounds like. You can switch your face with a picture or whomever you’re with. But the superimpose feature is the fun one. Remember those weird photo machines at the State Fair that combine you and your boyfriend’s faces to tell you what your kid would look like. Well, now you can do it with anyone! Me and JC Chasez, me and my bestie … think I can find a job that pays me to face swap all day?

2. Stickers & Drawing

Sometimes your Snap is missing a little something. So you add a 3D sticker to your dog’s dace or a little face paint to the picture for the guy you’re flirting with (if you’re not on a Dating Detox!). link to Dating Detox post  And don’t forget the new Bitmoji app to create your own emoji!

1. Keep Up with Kraddick

If you want to know what I’m up to, you can find out on Snapchat! I love that it’s instantaneous and I don’t have to worry about “remembering” to post. At a restaurant? Snapchat. Playing around at work? Snapchat. Watching Real Housewives? Snapchat. It’s quick and immediate and I can see what all of my friends are up to in just a few seconds. Plus, my favorite celebrities like to Snap and I skim through content from Buzzfeed, Tastemade, and others.


Of course, the number one highlight of Snapchat is getting to connect with y’all. So keep up with me by adding @carolinecradick!





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