5 Days - New Kidd's Kids on the Block Party

New Kidds Kids on the Block Party

5 days, y’all. 5 DAYS! There are only 5 days until the New Kidd’s Kids on the Block party and I am super excited! And a little nervous. Because this is big. REALLY big. The biggest party I’ve ever thrown!

Years ago, in the early days of Kidd’s Kids, my dad held a fundraiser called the Second Chance Prom. It was a chance for people to re-do their prom with the person they didn’t get to go to prom with the first time and it was awesome! My dad would bring in a throwback act to perform at the prom and people would get dressed up in formals and tuxes and party the night away. It was huge for a lot of years and they had everyone! Top music acts like Jon Bon Jovi, Morris Day and The Time, MC Hammer and En Vogue. It was fantastic and they always raised a ton of money for Kidd’s Kids. But then the throwback acts started charging more money and the cost of putting on the prom started to take away from the profits of the charity and it just wasn’t feasible anymore.

Since taking over the Kraddick Foundation and Kidd’s Kids, my goal has been to take things to the next level. But not only for the kids, but also for my dad. It was my dad’s dream for Kidd’s Kids to continue long after he was gone. Thanks to the generous donations from our listeners and partnering with companies like Southwest Airlines and Raising Cane’s, we’ve been able to plan bigger and better trips and take more kids to Disney World than we’ve ever taken before. But for the 25th anniversary of Kidd’s Kids, I really wanted to do something super cool. Something that my dad would have loved. And that’s when we came up with the idea of the New Kidd’s Kids on the Block party.

I know I keep saying it, but I am SO freaking excited! I’ve got a great costume, my friends are coming and the entire Kidd Kraddick Morning Show will be there. I’ll be singing with The Clinton Years, and Big Al and J-Si are supposed to sing too. Trust me. That alone will be worth the price of admission! The food is going to be great, there’s an open bar and I can’t wait because I just know this night is going to be perfect! What better way to celebrate Kidd’s Kids 25th year than with a new spin on one of my dad’s ideas?

So, if you’re free on Saturday night, throw on your phattest 90s gear and come to the New Kidd’s Kids on the Block party and hang out with me! Tickets are still available and it’s going to be the ultimate party. I’m looking forward to meeting all of y’all and I can’t wait to make my daddy proud!



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