I'm A DIFFA Style Council Ambassador

I know I’ve been vague-booking a bit lately, talking about all the exciting things that are going on with me and not giving any details. And I hate to be “that” person because I hate when other people are “that” person. But I can finally share one of my things! I’ve been selected to be a 2017 DIFFA Style Council Ambassador!

Caroline Kraddick is a DIFFA Style Council Ambassador

Hamilton Sneed, LeeAnne Locken, Cynthia Smoot, me and Jane McGarry

DIFFA/Dallas (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) is a non-profit that raises money for service organizations that help in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The Style Council is a group of ambassadors selected to spread the word about DIFFA and I get to be a part of it! As a Style Council Ambassador, I’ll help promote DIFFA/Dallas and fundraise for the House of DIFFA event.

I’m super excited about this opportunity because fighting HIV/AIDS is very dear to my heart. So many people in my life … teachers, mentors, family friends … have been affected by HIV and AIDS and I want to do my part in the fight.

The 16 member Style Council was announced at the Burgers and Burgundy event, Friday night and it’s always an incredible event! Thankfully, the weather was great, because this year the event was held on the Ron Kirk Pedestrian Bridge. John Tesar (of Top Chef fame) and several Dallas chefs made signature sliders while we spent the night listening to music, noshing on sliders and drinking wine – ALL FOR A GOOD CAUSE!

Caroline Kraddick DIFFA Style Council Ambassador
DIFFA Dallas 2017 Style Council Ambassadors

I’m really looking forward to this next year and can’t wait to see how my journey with DIFFA enhances my life. Being chosen as a Style Council Ambassador will provide me with such a fantastic opportunity to do some really great things for the Dallas community and I hope using my voice to spread awareness about DIFFA/Dallas and HIV/AIDS is just the start!



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